Social tips for the leisure industry

As lockdown lifts and the leisure industry ramps up for summer, many UK attractions are preparing to welcome visitors back (hopefully for the last time).  

 In the coming months, competition is likely to heat up as more Brits choose to go on staycations and visit local attractions, creating new opportunities and challenges for places like zoos, theme parks and museums. 

 When can businesses and venues reopen?

Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way while doing social media marketing for Clip ‘n Climb, the UK’s leaders in fun climbing.

Safety first!

When you communicate your safety measures, you encourage people to pre-book. Use images, videos and reviews to highlight your safety measures and reassure your customers. Your safety measures could act as a competitive advantage in the coming months.

Share your reopening plans with loyal customers

Jump start your business by reengaging with loyal customers via social media, email marketing or your blog. Get your customers excited by sharing your excitement (while keeping safety as the priority).

Keep the momentum going

Reopening day is just the beginning. Incorporate user-generated content into your social strategy to remind people you’re open without being too salesy. Showing happy customers enjoying their visit is a great way to build trust and attract new customers.

Do something special

If you’ve got the budget, why not run a special offer to entice your customers back. Some ideas might be a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, discount code, or free add-on. Everyone loves a freebie!

Run local ads on social media

Get the word out about your reopening by running targeted ads on social media. While organic content is great for driving engagement, paid ads are highly effective at driving sales.  

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