David Maran, Managing Director

Rate Social has been key to our growth as a company, managing our social media and other marketing tasks. They have helped us target international and national clients. Fantastic service, great communication.

John Lilley, CEO

Having worked with other ‘larger’ agencies in the past, I’ve found Rate Social to be responsive and creative. I no longer have to think about my social media management as I know that’s taken care of by Izzie and the team.

Nikki Selden, Marketing Manager

Rate Social have worked on our social media for a few years, they understand our market even though it is niche and have helped us grow. The team are incredible, delivering actionable insights and creative content, they always have time for us.

Emma Curnow, Marketing Manager

The team at Rate Social go above and beyond. They manage our social ads and support us with PR, design, influencers and much. They are knowledgeable, innovative and always on hand when I need them, providing invaluable advice.