BSquared is a well known EdTech company that has been providing solutions for over 20 years. Recently their family has grown to include sub brands including a SEND podcast, an online SEND conference and high-quality SEND CPD. They’ve been with us from our beginning and we’ve helped them grow with social media management, strategy and brand development.

#1 UK SEND podcast

We’ve had the privilege of working with SENDcast and Virtual SEND Conference from their beginnings. Since then, we’ve grown them to be the #1 UK education podcast and #1 UK online SEND conference respectively. By compiling creative strategies and helping develop their brands as they continue to grow, we’ve amassed over 2200+ followers for SENDcast across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

3000+ schools

As it stands, over 3000 schools across the UK are using BSquared’s solutions. We’ve helped them develop a warm and friendly tone of voice whilst maintaining their authority and expertise. As a result of this, we’ve increased their brand awareness and over 90+ schools in the UK are using their new EYFS 2021 framework (that only became statutory in September 2021).

160,000+ impressions

Our earned media helped us to create fully integrated campaigns which aided all of BSquared’s activity and performance throughout the year. We are able to get BSqaured products in front of a brand new audience through our eye-catching ads mixed with some onpoint targeting. These ads help us to further enhance the brand's story and social presence.

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