Clip ‘n Climb UK is the market leader in fun climbing. The brand has an impressive 80 centres across the UK, generating over £25 million per annum. In 2020, they came to us to increase awareness of their franchise offering, attract new customers and take their social media to new heights.

500,000+ reach

In order to reach a national audience, we created new channels for Clip ‘n Climb on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – utilising the best user-generated content and influencers to connect with new and existing customers. Since the launch of these channels in June 2020, our content has reached over half a million people!

30+ franchise leads

Using Facebook Ads, we targeted specific areas in the UK where there was low competition and high demand for a family attraction like Clip ‘n Climb. As a result, we generated over 30 leads in three months for the franchise team, generating millions of pounds worth of leads.

20+ influencers

Every month, we sent family influencers to experience Clip ‘n Climb for themselves. To ensure maximum exposure across the UK, the influencers were carefully selected based on their location, engagement rate and ability to capture high-quality content - always keeping the target audience in mind.

1 super possum

We developed a national campaign to launch Clip ‘n Climb’s new mascot, Pip the Possum. As part of the campaign, we asked their followers to help name the mascot. We also ran competitions (locally and nationally) and filmed a promotional video.