meetspaceVR is home to the world’s most advanced, warehouse scale, free-roam VR experience, spanning across 3 locations in the UK. They came to us after working with a leading agency and not being satisfied with the service.

86% increase

meetspaceVR came to us to rethink their social media strategy with some impactful content to ultimately enhance their online presence and reach more people… so we did just that! During the first 4 months, we increased their Instagram followers by 86%, Twitter followers by 110% and Twitter engagement by 2000%.

230,000+ reach

To increase awareness and exposure amongst the UK online gaming community, we worked with micro and mid-tier gaming influencers to produce content for their social channels- without spending a penny! From just 2 trips with only 2 influencers, their content reached 230,000+ individual users (and counting) across TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

466,500+ impressions

Far Cry VR, a brand new product at meetspaceVR launched into the UK market in July, so we created a killer campaign to ensure their audience knew about it. Focusing on returning customers and with little budget, we delivered a 2 month multi-channel social campaign which resulted in 47,500+ organic impressions and 419,000+ paid social impressions.