Summit Up

Summit Up is a brand new Olympic-sized climbing centre located in Oldham. To help launch Summit Up, Rate Social developed an 8-week localised campaign, incorporating family influencers, local press, paid ads and brand collaborations.

Launch strategy

Working with the Summit Up team, Rate Social developed a comprehensive launch plan and roadmap to build excitement and generate sales prior to opening. To help spread the word, we recruited 5 local influencers, prepared press releases for local and national press, collaborated with one of Manchester’s largest news outlets, and created targeted content for each stage of the customer journey.

Paid ad campaign

Rate Social delivered a paid advertising campaign with the aim of driving traffic to their website and increasing sales. Over the 8-week period, we delivered 17 ads targeted at both local families and climbers. Our Facebook ads generated a fantastic return on investment with an average cost-per-result of £0.08. The average CPR in the UK is £0.78.

Brand development

For the launch of Summit Up, we were tasked with enhancing their brand identity for their cross-platform advertising campaign. We created a versatile new design concept, able to adapt to various forms of advertising without compromising its strong brand identity. The finished designs included social media ads, print ads, banners, display stands and even bus t-sides.

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